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SPX Security Umbrella

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The SPX Security Umbrella is an innovative solution dedicated to shipping companies and road hauliers delivering air cargo. It enables freight forwarders to access transport companies with SPX status verified by Avsec Cargo. Moreover, transport companies can join the secure supply chain with the SPX status signed by Avsec Cargo and receive additional orders from shipping companies.

Secure supply chain

Avsec Cargo connects freight forwarders and road hauliers for cooperation. We verify employees of the road carrier for the forwarding company in terms of checking the background check and the required training via the Avsec Control platform.


We take responsibility for the compliance of the road carrier’s documents with the provisions of Polish and EU law in the field of security. The Avsec Control platform keeps records in electronic form. The forwarder receives additional transport companies for cooperation, and the transport company joins the security supply chain thanks to the SPX Security Umbrella, and can carry out orders that were previously unavailable.

SPX Umbrella – benefits for a shipping company

Forwarder gets access to verified and reliable transport companies with SPX status. Thanks to this, it speeds up transport for its customers, using a larger database of trustworthy contractors. Gains additional time and organizational resources to serve new customers and increases its revenues.

SPX Security Umbrella – benefits for a transport company

Transport company can easily join the secure supply chain under the Avsec Cargo brand with the status of a Registered Agent. Gains access to a number of improvements as a company that is in the secure supply chain, including shorter time of handling cargo at the airport, complete relief from security control costs, and ensuring shipment integrity during transport. It speeds up transport for its customers thanks to the minimized security control procedures. Gains additional time and organizational resources to serve new clients. It increases its revenues by establishing cooperation with new, reliable shipping companies.

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