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Challenges in Air Cargo Transportation – SPX Order Exchange

Air transport is an industry that constantly faces new challenges. One key factor influencing the development of this sector is the implementation of a secure supply chain. In countries where this chain has been fully implemented, the number of entities involved in the air transport process ranges from several hundred to several thousand. This has significantly strengthened the position of air transport as a competitive industry offering air cargo services. Optimistic prospects for growth are opening up for domestic entities operating in the aviation sector. At the same time, they present challenges for the protection and integrity of the supply chain, which are crucial for the efficiency of this process.

E-commerce and Global Trade Development

The development of e-commerce and the growth of global trade are two major drivers currently fueling the air cargo transport industry. Supply chain management involves numerous strategic, tactical, and operational decisions related to the synchronization of demand and supply flows, both in physical, informational, and capital dimensions. In this context, integrating subprocesses and activities that enable the flow of goods is also essential. Effective supply chain management aims to gain and maintain a competitive advantage for individual entities and the entire supply chain. In this context, the increased demand for secure air cargo transportation after the pandemic presents new challenges. For example, the increased demand for cargo transportation has led to congestion at airports, and a lack of qualified security personnel has extended waiting times for cargo delivery. Additionally, new concerns regarding security, such as threats related to cybercrime or data protection of supply chain participants, impact air transport operations.

Innovation – SPX Order Exchange

Technological advancements and the development of e-commerce create new possibilities for the air cargo transport industry. One innovative solution is the SPX Order Exchange, which brings many benefits to both freight forwarders and carriers. This solution allows them to expand their scope of operations and achieve higher levels of business development. The SPX Order Exchange ensures high-quality transportation services and the safety of the executed transport. Freight forwarders have access to a database of transport companies operating within a secure supply chain, as well as qualified drivers, including those trained in aviation security. On the other hand, transport companies can present their profiles to air freight forwarders and issue 6E Declarations as Registered Avsec Cargo Agents. Utilizing such a solution brings benefits to both individual entities responsible for security and the entire transportation process. Operators can rely on trusted and secure shipments, focusing more on their business rather than logistics. This integrated approach contributes to the growing demand for air cargo transportation across various industries, making the air cargo transport sector one of the most promising in terms of growth.

Technological Changes and Security

The air cargo transport sector is also experiencing other technological changes, such as advancements in container shipping, aircraft automation, and advanced aviation technologies. These changes open up new opportunities for businesses that can adapt their operations accordingly. Integrated solutions can assist supply chain participants in optimizing processes and early identification of potential quality control issues. For example, it is important for subcontractors involved in air transportation to have relevant security training. It is estimated that the development of e-commerce and the increasing use of mobile devices for transactions will contribute to the growth of air transportation.

Development Prospects and Summary

The air cargo transport industry is a significant part of the global economy, handling over a million tons of cargo daily. Despite numerous challenges, this sector has substantial development potential. Shippers, road carriers, and air carriers are seeking ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure cargo protection, which translates into benefits for all stakeholders involved in the process.