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Transport of Cargo By Air – How To Do It In A Faster, Cheaper And Safer Way

Owners of the manufacturing companies where cargos are posted by air must face the necessity of elaboration of an efficient  transport organization. Now that one of the most significant criteria of a supplier’s selection is time of an order realization, every single day counts. Also the process and the security are important. Then how should we organize a shipment of an air cargo so that it is faster, cheaper and safer?

The response to this question is: to gain a status of a Known Consignor which is granted in Poland by the President of the Civil Aviation Association. Before we present the requirements the subjects that are attempting to gain it, need to meet first, we would like to underline the benefits resulting from the status itself. There are a few of them and – what is most important – all of them increase the security and efficiency of the cargo transport by air.

What Are The Benefits Of The Known Consignor’s Status?

A company that obtains a Known Consignor’s status benefits from numerous facilities significant for the entire posting process already at the manufacturing stage. Every cargo destined to be posted by air is covered by high security standards before it even leaves a manufacturing plant. Further benefits are associated with a shorter handling time of the cargo in the airport, with a total release from the security check as well as with ensuring of the cargo integrity upon the transport.

All the abovementioned benefits affect not only an increase of operating efficiency of manufacturing and transport companies in Poland but also their positive reception by the clients receiving cargo at final destination airports.

How To Gain The Known Consignor’s Status?

In order a company is able to obtain the Known Consignor’s status, it must meet the requirements determined by the Civil Aviation Association. They include:

All the requirements are described in details at the Civil Aviation Association website: http://www.ulc.gov.pl/pl/ochrona/cargo. All the interested persons will also find there a table of the costs connected with administration fees paid for gaining the Know Consignor’s status.