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Avsec Control – outsourcing for transport companies

Legal changes concerning a necessity of ensuring the security upon transporting of air cargoes require from the managers in transport companies to perform specific actions. There are among other: certifying trainings allowing the company a fully-fledged participation in a security supply chain. Thanks to gathered authorizations a company gains long-term benefits and a competitive advantage at every stage of business projects connected with the transport of air cargoes.

The most common barriers faced by the enterpreneurs in the transport industry are a necessity of a proper interpretation of legal regulations as well as meeting numerous formal conditions. Many companies give up the opportunities offered by the Regulated Agent status since well visible institutional obstacles conceal real advantages to which obtained certificates entitle to.

We would like to change it and we know how to do it.

Our response is Avsec Control – the service thanks to which a transport company will gain benefits resulting in the Regulated Agent’s status. It is sufficient to sign a cooperation agreement concerning a secure supply chain and Avsec Cargo will take care of all the necessary formalities guaranteeing it.

What will your company gain after you decide to use the Avsec Control service?

On the basis of a signed cooperation agreement Avsec Cargo will supervise the personnel transporting air cargoes. Within this supervision, the company will perform a backgroud check of the employees pursuant to the point 11.1.3 (b) of the EU Commission’s Implementing Regulation no. 2015/1998 dated 5 November 2015 determining detailed security measures in order to observe basic standards of the civil aviation protection.

After meeting of all the indispensable requirements, persons responsible for the transport of the air cargoes will receive an identification card confirming the cooperation with the Avsec Cargo Regulated Agent and they will be able to benefit from all the facilities resulting from it.