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The Avsec Cargo company has been approved as a Regulated Agent by the Civil Aviation Authority in May 2016. Regulated Agent status allows to providing security control services of air cargo. Our company offers the best conditions for cargo services. Security control is performed by experienced, professional and well-trained staff. Avsec Cargo is the only Regulated Agent in Republic of Poland, which at the same time has the status of Specialized, Armed Security Formation, which allows the security control operators employed by us to take full responsibility for security control of cargo. Avsec Cargo has the latest equipment to perform security control. These are an X-ray equipment and an explosive trace detection equipment (ETD).The philosophy of Avsec Cargo company is to treat the security of air operations on the same level with commercial interests. We understand security matters not only in terms of detection of prohibited items in air cargo, but also physical protection against interference in goods which you send. In our offer we also have a comprehensive service related to customs matters, i.e. confirmation of export, issuing a manifest, issuing an air waybill (AWB), weighing goods and sticking labels. Our company also deals with dangerous goods – DGR.

The Avsec Cargo company has own a specialist training program for explosives detection dogs team (EDD) approved by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority, which was agreed with the Chief Commandant of the Border Guard in the area of ​​cargo, mail and company materials.