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Known Consignor’s Status

Transport of Cargo By Air – How To Do It In A Faster, Cheaper And Safer Way


Owners of the manufacturing companies where cargos are posted by air must face the necessity of elaboration of […]

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Air Cargo Day IATA Lecture

Air Cargo Day IATA Lecture


I am very honored to be here and I would like to thank you for inviting me to […]

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Avsec Control – outsourcing for transport companies


Legal changes concerning a necessity of ensuring the security upon transporting of air cargoes require from the managers […]

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Secure supply chain – course and benefits for companies


Supply chain means nothing else but a generally called process of transporting goods from their origin point to […]

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What will gain the entity by obtaining the status of the Regulated Agent or known/recognized consignor?


The status of a Regulated Agent, known or recognized consignor is expressed in specified advantages in terms of […]

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Security in the air transport


Apart from the fact that it enables comfortable journeys to the most distanced corners of the Earth, the […]

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